Claire Morton

Creative Textile Artist based in the UK

Claire Morton is a textile artist who specialises in machine knitting and uses colour, patterns, layers, contrast and texture to build up a narrative in her work.

SYNAPTIC PLASTICITY CODE - Death, Metamorphosis And A Gentle Acceptance Of Hope

My work is ever changing. A letting go and the bringing forth of new ideas. Ever evolving and becoming the true version of itself in that moment.

Play, fun and experimentation are important components of my process.

Anticipation, surprise and sometimes disappointment are all part of the journey.
I believe in a personal willingness to enquire and to gently reflect, dare, hope and to look beyond and let the possibilities happen.

When letting go of fear and self prohibiting behaviours I am accepting that there may be another way to create and bring ideas to fruition.
To embark on the creative journeys with hope, optimism and the fragile belief that the work may end up being beautiful in the eyes of the beholder.


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