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Contemporary artist based in the UK

Claire Morton is a contemporary textile artist who uses patterns, layers, contrast and texture to build up a narrative. By exploring her surroundings and the emotive responses experienced when viewing marks and patterns found on her daily travels, she hopes to better understand herself and what her role may be within that world.


Transformation follows my trips around London using the underground. Mainly focusing on the Victoria and Bakerloo lines. I observe marks and patterns found on my journey. I am especially fascinated by wear and tear, deterioration and mold.

Magic and the Witch Marks

WITCH MARKS, ACCIDENTAL MARKS AND INTENTIONAL MAKING Capturing curiosities from the underground. Sometimes we have an opportunity to notice something that disrupts our status quo and inspires a new direction, in my case it was observations of strange marks in the underground tubes of London. These observations made me think of shelters in the war or caves of the past with their graffiti and folkloric protective practices against evil, illness and misfortune. This practice is called ‘witch marks’ and often came from societal fear of maternal power.

Underground Curiosities

I take photographs whilst on my travels, observing and capturing patterns that call to me. ​For example, marks left by suitcases being dragged and bashed against a wall as the owner hurries to their next destination. Leaving behind scratches and scruff marks, almost like an unrecognisable code.

Peeling Layers

Peeling paint or mold growing in corners of the tube station transport me back to damp caves I used to play in as a child, connecting me to memories past and times gone.

Quick and Slow - A New Language

I capture these marks quickly, but spend longer observing my emotional state. Checking how I am feeling and recording any thoughts that may be arising. This information is then translated into a new language/art piece for viewers to contemplate and hopefully connect with.


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